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Class Schedule - SPRING

Our teaching kitchen is equipped with 4 double stations and 2 single stations. When purchasing tickets you will be able to select either a ticket for 2 person, or 1 person. 

***Spring classes will launch on Tuesday, March 15th at NOON HERE***

Spring Class Schedule 

Bake Shop Favourites 
One Person $140 / Two Person $270
In this class you’ll learn to make some of the Bake Shop’s most asked-about recipes and hear the stories behind our most popular desserts. Each student will try their hand at making florentines, scones and the ever-popular key lime tart. 

Wednesday, April 27th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, April, 28th 6pm-9pm 
Friday, April 29th | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, April 30th| 11am-2pm 

One Person $140 / Two Person $270
This rich and buttery dough is always a breakfast favourite! In this class, you will learn how to make the basic dough while exploring its versatility and endless possibilities. We will also cover fillings, and students will get to make the Bake Shop’s famous brioche pépin.   
Wednesday, April 20th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, April 21st | 6pm-9pm 
Friday, April 22nd | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, April 23rd | 11am-2pm 

Cookie Decorating (Easter) 
One Person $95 / Two Person $180
This class is all about learning to decorate sugar cookies for our favourite time of year, Spring! Your instructor will demonstrate how to make royal icing and give an overview of basic decorating techniques. You will then jump in and decorate your own cookies.  

Friday, April 15th | 2pm-4pm 
Friday, April, 15th 6pm-8pm 
Saturday, April 16th| 10am-12pm 
Saturday, April 16th| 2pm-4pm 

Doughnuts *NEW CLASS*
One Person $130 / Two Person $250
In this class our resident doughnut expert will teach you how to make your own fried yeasted doughnuts from scratch at home. Different types of doughnuts and fillings will also be covered and each student will go home with approximately dozen doughnuts they made in class.

Monday, April 4th | 6pm-9pm 
Monday, April 11th 6pm-9pm 
Monday, April 25th | 6pm-9pm 
Monday, May 2nd | 6pm-9pm 
Monday, May 16th| 6pm-9pm 
Monday, May 30th | 6pm-9pm 

Monday, June 6th | 6pm-9pm 
Wednesday, June 8th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, June 9th | 6pm-9pm 

Friday, June 10th| 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, June 11th | 11am-2pm 
Monday, June 13th | 6pm-9pm 
Monday, June 20th | 6pm-9pm 

Monday, June 27th| 6pm-9pm 


Duchess Cake
One Person $145 / Two Person $280
Our signature Duchess cake, with it's beautiful green marzipan dome, is a delight to make. In this class you will be guided through all the steps to making this cake, including the pastry cream filling, shaping the dome, and making the little marzipan rose to go on top. Each student will leave with a full-sized cake to take home and share with family and friends.  

Tuesday, April 12th | 6pm-9pm
Wednesday, April 13th 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, April 14th | 6pm-9pm 
Wednesday, May 25th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, May 26th  | 6pm-9pm
Friday, May 27th | 11am-2pm 
Friday, May 27th | 6pm-9pm 

Duke Cake
One Person $145 / Two People $280
The decadent chocolate Duke cake is one of our bestselling items at Duchess Bake Shop. In this class you will be guided through all four steps to making this cake. Each student will leave with a full-sized cake to take home and share with family and friends.   

Wednesday, May 4th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, May 5th| 6pm-9pm 
Friday, May 6th | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, May 7th | 11am-2pm 

Lemon Meringue Cake 
One Person $145 / Two Person $280 
In this class you will learn how to make a Duchess staff favourite. From the chiffon cake to the lemon cream, each step will be covered, including toasting the meringue. Each student will leave with a full-sized cake to share with family and friends. 

Wednesday, June 15th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, June 16th | 6pm-9pm 
Friday, June 17th | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday June 18th | 11am-2pm 

Macaron Basics  
One Person $135 / Two Person $260
Our biggest seller at Duchess Bake Shop, French macarons can be quite tricky to make at home—and in this class we let you in on our best tips and tricks for turning out great macarons. You will learn to make a basic macaron shell as well as salted caramel (our most popular filling!). Each student will take home about a dozen macarons. 

Friday, April 1st | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, April 2nd | 11am-2pm 
Sunday, April 10th | 11am-2pm 
Sunday, April 24th| 11am-2pm 
Sunday, May 15th | 11am-2pm 
Sunday, May 29th | 11am-2pm 
Wednesday, June 1st | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, June 2nd | 6pm-9pm 
Friday, June 3rd | 6pm-9pm 
Sunday, June 5th | 11am-2pm 
Wednesday, June 22nd | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, June 23rd | 6pm-9pm 

Friday, June 24th | 6pm-9pm 

Pâte à Choux
One Person $140 / Two Person $270 
Knowing how to make pâte à choux, the dough used to make éclairs and cream puffs, is a great fundamental skill to have in your back pocket. In this class, you’ll gain confidence in making and piping pâte à choux. You’ll also learn how to make classic pastry cream and get to fill and decorate the choux you made.  

Wednesday, May 18th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, May 19th | 6pm-9pm 
Friday, May 20th | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, May 21st | 11am-2pm 

Pie Basics
One Person $145 / Two Person $280  
Conquer your fear of making pie dough and become a pie wizard! In this class we teach you how easy it is to achieve the perfect pie dough and reveal our tips and tricks for baking delicious pies everyone will come running back for. You will take home a full pie as well as the pie dough you make.   

Tuesday, April 5th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Wednesday, April 6th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Thursday, April 7th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Friday, April 8th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, April 19th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, April 26th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, May 3rd | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, May 10th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, May 17th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, May 31st | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, June 7th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, June 14th | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, June 21st | 6pm-9:15pm 
Tuesday, June 28th | 6pm-9:15pm 

Tart Basics  
One Person $145 / Two Person $280
The classic French tart is part of any pastry chef’s basic repertoire. In this class you’ll learn how to make pâte sucrée, the pastry that is the fundamental element in a French-style tart, and how to use it to line a tart pan. Different fillings and flavour ideas will also be covered. You’ll get to make your own tart to take home to wow your family and friends. 

Wednesday, May 11th | 6pm-9pm 
Thursday, May 12th | 6pm-9pm 
Friday, May 13th | 6pm-9pm 
Saturday, May 14th | 11am-2pm