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Harvest 2023 Class Schedule

TICKETS ARE SOLD PER PERSON. We have returned to our original ticket structure. Tickets are sold individually, per person. 

All Students will be paired in groups of two.

  • If you purchase a single ticket you will be paired with another student.
  • If you purchase two tickets you will be paired together.
  • If you purchase three tickets, two people will be paired together and one person will be paired with another student.

There is a maximum of 4 people attending together in a class in order to keep the class diverse. Thank you for understanding. 


Bakeshop Favourites 
In this class you’ll learn to make some of the Bake Shop’s most asked-about recipes and hear the stories behind our most popular desserts. Each student will try their hand at making florentines, scones and the ever-popular key lime tart. 

  • Tuesday, September 26th I 6pm-9pm  
  • Tuesday, October 3rd I 6pm-9pm  
  • Tuesday, October 17th I 6pm-9pm  


Summer Desserts 
Holding on to Summer as long as we possibly can! In this class we will be making a summertime classic, Mini Pavlovas with citrus curd and whip cream. As well as Mountain Muffins (great for camping) and a quick and refreshing Semifreddo. *Plan accordingly to bring a cooler/cooler bag for the ride home!   

  • Wednesday, September 6th I 6pm-9pm 
  • Thursday, September 7th I 6pm-9pm 
  • Friday, September 8th I 6pm-9pm 
  • Saturday, September 9th I 11am-2pm 
  • Saturday, September 9th I 6pm-9pm


Duke Cake 

The decadent chocolate Duke cake is one of our best-selling items at Duchess Bake Shop. In this class you will be guided through all four steps to making this cake. Each student will leave with a full-sized cake to take home and share with family and friends.  

  • Tuesday, September 12th I 6pm-9pm
  • Wednesday, September 13th I 6pm-9pm
  • Thursday, September 14th I 6pm-9pm
  • Friday, September 15th I 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday, September 16th I 6pm-9pm  


Bread Basics 

Join our resident bread expert and learn some of the basic fundamentals of bread making! In this class, you will learn how to mix, shape and proof beginner doughs. Each student will make their own dinner rolls and focaccia to take home. We will chat about the different uses for your dough and some of our favourite dips. If you've been afraid to try your hand at breads - this class will break that barrier down so you can share fresh, home-made bread with friends and family!  

  • Tuesday, September 19th I 6pm-9pm  
  • Wednesday, September 20th I 6pm-9pm
  • Thursday, September 21st I 6pm-9pm
  • Friday, September 22nd I 6pm-9pm
  • Saturday, September 23rd I 11am-2pm
  • Saturday, September 23rd I 6pm-9pm


      Harvest Baking 
      Fill your table with cozy baking using ingredients straight from your fall garden harvest! In this class we will be making our classic Duchess pumpkin pie, as well as other treats using carrots, zucchini, and apples. 

      • Wednesday, September 27th I 6pm-9pm 
      • Thursday, September 28th I 6pm-9pm 
      • Friday, September 29th I 6pm-9pm 
      • Saturday, September 30th I 6pm-9pm
      • Wednesday, October 4th I 6pm-9pm
      • Thursday, October 5th I 6pm-9pm
      • Friday, October 6th I 6pm-9pm
      • Saturday, October 7th I 11am-2pm


      Macaron Basics
      Our biggest seller at Duchess Bake Shop, French macarons can be quite tricky to make at home—and in this class we let you in on our best tips and tricks for turning out great macarons. You will learn to make a basic macaron shell as well as salted caramel (our most popular filling!). Each student will take home about a dozen macarons.  

      • Wednesday, October 11th I 6pm-9pm 
      • Thursday, October 12th I 6pm-9pm
      • Friday, October 13th I 6pm-9pm
      • Saturday, October 14th I 11am-2pm
      • Saturday, October 14th I 6pm-9pm


      Pâte à Choux
      Knowing how to make pâte à choux, the dough used to make éclairs and cream puffs, is a great fundamental skill to have in your back pocket. In this class, you’ll gain confidence in making and piping pâte à choux. You’ll also learn how to make classic pastry cream and get to fill and decorate the choux you made.  

      • Wednesday, October 18th I 6pm-9pm 
      • Thursday, October 19th I 6pm-9pm
      • Friday, October 20th I 6pm-9pm
      • Saturday, October 21st I 11am-2pm
      • Saturday, October 21st I 6pm-9pm


      Introduction to Buttercream Cake Decorating - Halloween Edition 

      (Formerly "Buttercream Basics")

      As one of the most requested class topics, we're talking all things buttercream! We will go over the many types of buttercreams, their properties, best uses, plus a taste test. In this class we will create a Halloween themed cake including buttercream ghosts! 

      • Tuesday, October 24th I 6pm-9pm
      • Wednesday, October 25th I 6pm-9pm 
      • Thursday, October 25th I 6pm-9pm
      • Friday, October 27th I 6pm-9pm


      Halloween Cookie Decorating 
      Get ready to get spooky with Halloween Cookie Decorating. Your instructor will demonstrate basic decorating techniques and ideas as well as how to get the perfect royal icing consistency. You will then jump in and decorate your own Halloween themed cookies.

      • Saturday, October 28th I 10am-12pm  
      • Saturday, October 28th I 2pm-4pm  
      • Saturday, October 28th I 6pm-8pm   


      *Private Class Booking

      Gather your colleagues, friends or family and enjoy a private class with our professional bakers. Our teachers will guide your group (up to 12 people) through a fun afternoon or evening of hands-on baking! After checkout, our staff will follow up for more information, including preferred class option, time of class and number of participants. Choose from the following class options: Doughnuts, Duke Cake, Pâte à Choux, Pie Basics or Macaron Basics. 

      * Please contact us at for availabilities.