Please note that effective September 20th, Duchess Atelier will require proof of vaccination for all class participants


Sign up for our Waitlist

Because we often have cancellations, getting on the waitlist is a great way to get into a class if you weren’t able to on launch day.  Please fill out the form below and let us know which class you’re interested in, how many spots you require (1 or 2), and the best phone number to reach you at. A few things to keep in mind:  

–It’s rare that we have cancelations for more than 2 spots at a time which is why we only accept wait list requests for up to 2 spots.  

–Spots can come up quite last minute, and sometimes even on the day! Please provide us with a phone number we can easily reach you at.  

–Please click here to see a full list of the classes being offered this fall.  Most classes are offered Tuesday-Friday evenings from 6pm-9pm and Saturdays have a morning and afternoon class.

–The more flexible you are, the more likely you are to get into a class!  

We do not have wait lists for future class launches. This wait list is for the FALL session only.