Please note that effective September 20th, Duchess Atelier will require proof of vaccination for all class participants

About Duchess Atelier

Atelier's Little Store

We have a small store with ingredients and tools available for purchase before and after classes. We stock mainly ingredients that are relevant to the classes that we teach, such as Valrhona chocolate, almond flour, and vanilla, as well as practical tools.

Meet our Staff

Tricia (Instructor)

Tricia has been working at Duchess Bake Shop for over eight years and has worked in virtually every aspect of the business, including as a kitchen manager and pastry chef. Tricia has years of experience working in the service industry, is proud of her Irish roots and loves everything Bake Shop–related. She’s always in a good mood, has boundless energy, is quick to help those around her and is much loved by all her students. When she’s not in our teaching kitchen, Tricia loves working out, spending time with her fur babies and keeping up on food trends. 

Tricia’s Kitchen Confessions—
· I follow a keto diet six months of the year, which is complete self-torture as I’m tempted by all the baked goods at the Bake Shop on a daily basis! 
· I absolutely hate pumpkin pie. 
· I’m terrible at keeping tabs on my oven timer and often turn it off and forget about it. Needless to say, I’ve overbaked a few things…

Giselle (instructor)

Giselle is the co-owner of Duchess Bake Shop and author of the cookbooks Duchess Bake Shop and Duchess at Home. She is a self-taught baker born and raised in Edmonton, and her baking is often inspired by her French-Canadian roots. Giselle’s not a fussy baker, isn’t afraid to make mistakes in the kitchen, and thinks baking should be fun and not anxiety-inducing. When she’s not in the kitchen baking, Giselle likes spending time with her family and in her garden. 

Giselle’s Kitchen Confessions— 
· I never measure vanilla or extracts. I eyeball it every time. 
· I’m not great at cake and cookie decorating and rely on Katie and Tricia to come up with pretty ways to finish desserts. 
· I’m almost too easygoing in the kitchen when it comes to the finished look of my home baking. My husband always tells me, ‘You can’t bring that ugly cake to the party – you’re the owner of Duchess Bake Shop!’ As long as it tastes good and I had fun making it, that’s enough for me!

Katie (instructor)

Katie is born and raised in Edmonton. She’s a graduate of the Baking and Pastry program at SAIT and also holds an Architectural Technologist diploma from NAIT. She’s been with Duchess Bake Shop for over five years and has worked in both our pastry kitchen and Provisions. Katie loves to share her baking knowledge with our students and is our resident expert when it comes to baking techniques and the science behind recipes. When she’s not teaching in Atelier, Katie likes camping in her cute retro-camper, cross-stitching, and spending time with her family and fur babies. 

Katie’s kitchen confessions—
· I have a knack for turning my mixer on high when there’s flour and icing sugar in it. I’ve made some pretty epic messes! 
· I hate scraping down my mixing bowls with a spatula. 
· I love candy! The candy isle at Bulk Barn is a very dangerous place for me to be.

Pam (Teacher's Assistant)

Pam is a member of our Provisions team and is much-loved at Duchess. She makes a mean doughnut and is an avid home baker. Pam is helpful, patient, and always in a positive and cheerful mood, which our students love. When she’s not at work, Pam loves knitting, hanging out with her family, taking care of her chickens and rabbits and spending time outside. 

Pam's Kitchen Confessions— 
· I always put double or triple the amount of vanilla in than a recipe calls for. 
· I sometimes get so excited to bake up something that I rush through the recipe and end up missing a key ingredient, even if I’ve made the recipe a million times. I still eat the end product. 
· Every once in a while cookies end up as our dinner.